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At RRIC, our values are the cornerstone of our foundation, guiding every action and decision we make. We are unwaveringly committed to delivering top-tier quality products at competitive rates. Our dedication to providing timely services aims to achieve total customer satisfaction. We have earned our reputation in the steel industry as the preferred supplier for our clientele and aspire to continually scale the heights of industry success

rr industrial corporation india limited mission image in rr industry
rr industrial corporation india limited mission image in rr industry

Our vision positions us as the most esteemed name in the steel supply sector, celebrated for our unparalleled service, integrity, and quality. Every member of the R.R. Industrial family is driven by this vision, ensuring we not only enrich our internal culture but also uphold our stature as an industry forerunner and an engaged community stakeholder.


At RRIC, our actions and decisions are deeply rooted in a set of core values that define our essence:

  • Integrity and Passion : We are committed to doing the right things with fervor and zeal.
  • Unwavering Quality and Service: We stand by our commitment to deliver unparalleled quality and services in all we do.
  • Building Trust: We cultivate sincere and enduring relationships with our customers.
  • Customer First: We strive for complete customer satisfaction in every interaction.
  • People-Centered: We hold immense respect and care for our team, recognizing that they are the backbone of our success.


At RRIC, our policies play a pivotal role in guiding our operations and ensuring consistency across the board. Developed over the years, these policies reflect our commitment to authenticity, integrity, and organizational excellence. They act as our compass, ensuring that we navigate the complexities of the business landscape in a manner that upholds our values and the trust placed in us by our stakeholders.