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rr steel industry Binding wire

Binding wire

Binding wire is used in construction, primarily in the reinforcement of concrete structures.

rr steel industry Wire rod

Wire rod

Wire rod is a hot-rolled round produced in coil form that is typically drawn.

rr steel industry Flat


Flats have a rectangular cross-section with straight and flat edges.

rr steel industry RSJ Poles

RSJ Poles

RSJ Poles, also known as Rolled Steel Joist Poles, are used in electric transmission lines.

rr steel industry Angle


Angle iron falls under the category of structural steel.

rr steel industry Channel


In its most widespread form, C channel steel is used to hold bridge decks and other heavy gadgets.

rr steel industry Beam


Beam, in engineering, originally a solid piece of timber, as a beam of a house, a loom, or a balance.